Notable Cases

Criminal Law


      1. A babysitter looking after several children & a dog were murdered. On application, bail was granted pending trial. With the use of cell-site analysis and a lip-reading expert, the defendant was acquitted of murder.
      2. The client was accused of murder & rape after death. The client was acquitted of rape following significant representations, including the use of experts.
      3. This case involved the stabbing to death of a male. The defendant was charged with murder. He was offered a plea to manslaughter, but following advice, he maintained his not guilty plea. He was acquitted of murder.
      4. This was a complex case where the defendant was charged with the murder of his sister. This was vigorously defended, including holding back the funeral to instruct appropriate experts. The client was acquitted of murder.


      1. The defendant cut open the complainant’s stomach requiring emergency intervention to save his life. With significant mitigation, the defendant received a substantially reduced sentence.
      2. The defendant stabbed the complainant several times. A charged of attempted murder was reduced to a s.18 GBH following representations. The charge of Attempted Murder was successfully defended. The client was given a very favourable sentence following mitigation on the s.20 GBH.


      1. The defendant was charged with a s.20 GBH when hitting someone with a pool ball in a sock. Following representations, the s.20 GBH was reduced to a s.47 ABH. The defendant was given a light sentence following mitigation.
      2. The defendant was accused of hitting a male causing bruising (Common Assault). At trial, the defendant was found not guilty.
      3. The defendant was a form Military Soldier accused of Common Assault by running into a female driver with his car. Following trial, the defendant was found not guilty.


        1. This was a complex case. The defendant was accused of Death by Dangerous Driving when knocking down a male known to be a prolific drug user. With the use of experts, the defendant was acquitted.
        2. Client was stopped by civilian witness who called the police for suspected drink driving. Client was charged with drink driving. Significant preparation was carried out to build a case from being disqualified from driving. Special reasons argument given to court. Court accepted the reasons – client kept her licence.
        3. Client charged with drink driving – failed to successfully give specimens of breath at the police station. Using the law, including caselaw and police procedures by way of preparation for a special hearing – Special Reasons Argument accepted – Client kept her licence.
        4. Client was facing the losing of his licence due to speeding. Used his history and personal circumstances by way of preparation for the court hearing. Client kept his licence.
        5. Client was speeding on a motorway. Pulled over by a police vehicle – Charged. Used clients, his wife’s, children and work colleagues circumstances to prepare an exceptional hardship argument to show that multiple people would be adversely affected if he were to lose his driving licence – Court Accepted argument. Client kept his driving licence.
        6. The client was Arrested for Drink Driving and later accused of Failing to Provide a Specimen of Breath, particularly at the Police Station where she failed to blow into the Camic Machine. I argued Special Reasons at Court. Successful. The client was found Not Guilty and kept her licence.
        7. Speeding – Totting Up – I Argued Exceptional Hardship. Successful. The Court allowed the client to keep their licence.
        8. Driving without Insurance – Totting Up – I argued Exceptional Hardship. Successful. The Court allowed the client to keep their licence.
        9. Speeding – Totting Up – I argued Exceptional Hardship. Successful. The Court allowed the client to keep their licence.
        10. Driving Without Insurance & Without a Licence (Only had a Provisional Licence) – The client was driving without L Plates and without proper Supervision negating his Insurance. Successful. The client pleaded guilty. The client kept their licence in tact to be able to take their Driving Test and Drive thereafter.


        1. This was a complex case where the defendant was charged with Conspiracy to Supply Drugs with 10 other defendants, attracting significant media attention. Following a lengthy trial, and the use of experts, the defendant was found not guilty of conspiracy.
        2. The defendant was accused of hiding £1 million pounds worth of drugs. Observations of the scene were carried out; proving that the prosecution case was flawed. The client was acquitted of all charges.
        3. A year long surveillance was carried out by the police regarding a Conspiracy to Supply a significant amount of drugs. The crown used cell-site analysis, surveillance techniques & records, audio and visual recordings to prove their case. After a lengthy Crown Court Trial, the client was acquitted of Conspiracy to Supply the said drugs.
        4. PWITS. Possession with Intent to Supply. Numerous cases where defendants’ were interviewed at the Police Station resulting in ‘No Further Action’ (NFA) against them due to my appropriate advice & representations. Also had numerous cases won in the courts where defendants’ have been charged.
        5. Possession of Drugs. To many to mention whereby defendants’ have been accused of having drugs, for example, in their house or car. I have successfully fought for the defendants’ resulting in many either being NFA’d at the Police Station or them being acquitted in Court.
        6. Production & Being Concerned of Cannabis where the Police believed it was to sell due to the quite High Volume – They Pleaded Guilty to both. Successful. They got the minimum Sentence. A Fine.


        1. The defendant was accused of Rape by having sex with someone under the age of 16 with mental health issues. With the use of experts, including vigorously challenging the prosecution evidence, the defendant was acquitted.
        2. A soldier was accused of raping a girl. He was advised by his former solicitor to give a no comment interview. After successful completion of the transfer, he gave a comment in police interview which resulted in NFA.
        3. The defendant was accused of inappropriately touching a girl in the woods. At police interview, he was advised to give a comment interview which resulted in NFA.
        4. The defendant was accused of raping a girl. At police interview he gave a comment interview which resulted in NFA.
        5. Client accused of viewing sexual images. Client almost certainly going to prison for it. Used significant analysis of client’s and family history to create psychological mitigation. Client was given a suspended sentence.
        6. Serious sexual offences including alleged rape cases. Clients have been accused of serious offences with very successful results when they have been exposed as malicious allegations.
        7. Obscene Porn following Investigation by the Police – Dealt with at the Police Station. Successful. No Further Action.


        1. The defendant was accused of defrauding HMRC. A full comment police interview resulted in NFA.
        2. The defendant was accused of committing commercial fraud. After detailed representations, the Judge in the case was removed and the level of alleged fraud was significantly reduced. Also represented for alleged Proceeds of Crime.
        3. The defendants’ were accused of £1 million fraud by defrauding HMRC. This was successfully dealt with at the police station.


        1. The defendant was accused of defrauding the benefits agency in the sum of £80,000. This sum was significantly reduced resulting in the defendant escaping imprisonment.
        2. The defendant was accused of defrauding the benefits agency in the sum of £16,000. This sum was significantly reduced resulting in the defendant escaping imprisonment.
        3. Numerous benefit agency interviews under caution have been attended with no prosecution following due to significant representations.


        1. A Regular Army Soldier who joined the Regular Army under the Full Time Reserve Service (FTRS) system was Charged with fighting with two Soldiers and sent to Trial for Courts Martial. Our Legal Team, together with Senior Army Personnel, got the Case thrown out.
        2. Member of the Armed Forces with a very bright career ahead of him accused of assaulting his partner. Got key evidence excluded by way of excellent legal submissions. Found not guilty within around 30 minutes by way of an unanimous decision. Career saved in the Armed Forces as a result and he will claim back his legal aid contributions.
        3. Private Army Soldier accused of being in possession of illegal drugs. Take to courts martial with the risk of being found guilty, being discharged, losing his career and pension. The use of case law to maximum effect, excellent preparation and teamwork with ourselves, the barrister and client – Found Not Guilty
        4. Corporal army soldier accused of theft from the British Army. Taken to courts martial with the risk of being found guilty, being discharged, losing his career and significant pension. Used the Armed Forces Systems, procedures, Armed Forces Act 2006 to great effect against the prosecution – Found Not Guilty
        5. Royal Marine accused of domestic abuse with quite bad injury. His case was heard in the Crown Court with the risk of being found guilt and should this happen, he would lose his career, which was very encouraging by way of Special Forces, and pension. Successfully made legal arguments to have very damaging confessions excluded. Secured expert to deal with the alleged causes of the injury to maximum effect – Found Not Guilty
        6. Private army soldier accused of possession and supply of drugs. Fought it and put the prosecution to proof. Client ended the case with his confession to the drug taking. Likely sentence – imprisonment in Colchester and discharge from the army. Kept him completely out of prison, he was discharged but his chain of command to secure easy transition to civvy street where he lined up civilian work prior to leaving the army. Brilliant result for him and he was very happy with it.
        7. Private army soldier. Full admissions to drug taking, Class A. Had already left the army. Utilised AGA!/Armed Forces Act and sentencing guidelines as well as using psychology and clients history. Client was not imprisoned and allowed to continue with his civilian job. A very happy client following a brilliant result.
        8. Ex-Major in the army who was accused of deliberately driving his car into someone following an alleged road rage. Detailed analysis and preparation was carried out in readiness for the trial. The consequences of being found guilty would have been the loss of his £120,000 and salary. Found Not Guilty
        9. Former Army Soldier with PTSD accused of harassment of his ex-partner. Multiple messages sent. Significant analysis and preparation showed how it was legally responsible for him to send such messages – Prosecution dropped the case against him.

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