Richard Bowler - Civil Law Associate

Richard is our civil law associate with a longstanding interest in this area of law

Having completed his law degree and legal practice course in the 2000’s, he more recently has embarked on a masters degree.

Richard is a member of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives, the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and a Fellow of the Institute of Paralegals.

He has a varied background, having operated his own business in property development & construction for over 25 years.

Through this, he has gained valuable commercial experience, so has a ‘hands on approach’ to legal matters.

Richard is a strong believer in Alternative Dispute Resolution, such as adjudication, arbitration & mediation and has used ADR to redress many legal issues to the satisfaction of the client.

Having successfully acted for claimants in legal actions against Apple Computers, B&Q & Three Mobile, he managed to resolve these legal issues without litigation proceeding to trial.

His diverse background in litigation, has taken him into representation in the County Courts, Tribunals and on one occasion in the Court of Appeal.

Richard is currently expanding our civil law portfolio into areas including, but not exclusively; consumer, contract, employment, housing and welfare law.

As part of his masters’ studies, which are legal in general, additionally fulfil the academic standards expected of a chartered surveyor.

With his experience in construction and surveying, he has embarked on some niche areas of law, such disputes where owners of leasehold properties feel that they are being overcharged for services provided by property management companies.

At the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal, he managed to convince the 3 judges that a 6 year old property management contract was void, to the satisfaction and financial advantage of the client. The case went further, as he exposed instances of charges levied for work never undertaken and charging for the same works on more than one occasions.

The Tribunal actually recommended that these matters should customarily be reported to the police, but the client declined.

Despite not yet being qualified as a lawyer, this outcome was achieved through having the combined skills of a lawyer and a surveyor, as it involved detailed analysis of construction works as to cost.

Before Richard began his legal journey, he was a qualified sound engineer working in recording studios in London in the nineties with numerous celebrities; a clear demonstration of his abilities and flexibilities to the benefit of others.

Recording studio technology and music production is still a passion of his.

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